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CO.LTD Skyland Logistics

COMPANY OVERVIEW Skyland Logistics Ltd. is a Limited Liability Company registered on the 20th of December 2004.

COMPANY VALUES At Skyland Logistics Ltd. we: • Are committed to quality and excellence • Believe in ethical practices • Recognize value and reward to employees • Emphasize on equality and fair play • Are independent in dealing with suppliers, customers and all our partners • Are responsible corporate citizens • Believe in teamwork and participation with a view to making an enriching and fulfilling experience. VISION To be a market leader in all our areas of operations by utilizing state of the art technology and, well trained and motivated staff and strong partners to supplement our own strength. MISSION STATEMENT To be the most competitive, efficient, reliable and personalized service provider in all our operational areas, satisfy our customers; maximize returns on investments to shareholders and be an employer of choice. SPECIALIZATION We are a regional freight logistics firm, specializing in serving East and Central Africa markets. Within this niche market, Skyland Logistics Ltd. has the ability to warehouse, pick and pack, provide inventory management, ship by order number or quantity as specialized by our client. More importantly, Skyland Logistics Ltd. offers expertise in Airfreight and Sea freight into this region, providing the following beneficial advantages. a. Knowledge and Expertise b. Competitive Pricing c. Personalized quality service Through its specialization, and volume commitment of freight logistics to East, Central Africa and the world, along with its few years of service in these markets, Skyland Logistics Ltd. is proud to be amongst the most competitive and effective logistics firm in this region. Skyland Logistics Ltd. offers wide range of services to our customers from airfreight, sea freight, logistics and warehouse for a complete list of our services, please peruse through below: - • Customs clearance (East Africa) • Airfreight logistics( world wide) • Sea freight logistics( worldwide) • Air charter logistics( worldwide) • Sea charter worldwide (world wide) • Trans border (Uganda, Sudan, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi) • Warehousing ( Kenya) • Distribution (worldwide) • Insurance ( Kenya) • Pick up ( worldwide) • Delivery (world wide) • Packing (Kenya) • Crating ( Kenya) • Door to door ( worldwide) • Collect shipments ( worldwide) • Project management (East Africa) • Documentation (Kenya ) OUR BUSINESS IS TO PROVIDE SUPERIOR CARGO LOGISTICS.

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Country: Kenya
City: Nairobi
Address: World Business Centre,2nd Floor, Tom Mboya Street P.O Box 60207,00200 Nairobi Kenya
Phone: +254 (20) 221-75-93, 31-74-25, 25472536-48-64, 72236-02-98
Fax: +254 () 31-74-25
E-mail: info@skyland.co.ke
URL address:
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